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What Do You Do If Someone You Know Is Missing?

You can download valuable information from this page to help you and your family cope if, tragically, someone you know is missing. 



This guide lays out a step-by-step process, including your rights.  


This checklist can be your road map.

Additionally, the packet explains the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and officials, including the best ways to engage and work with law enforcement, particularly within Minnesota.  In Minnesota, law enforcement officials are required to take a missing persons' report.  Please be aware, that in many states there is no requirement. 


Why Do We Do This?

Jon Francis died in the wilderness and was abandoned there by Idaho law enforcement and elected officials leaving Jon’s family feeling hopeless and betrayed.


We have learned that missing adults fall through the cracks of society’s sidewalk.


Forty (40) states do not require their law enforcement agencies to report or investigate the disappearance of an adult (someone over 18).

In addition, there are few federal laws requiring states to report and investigate cases of missing adults.  Missing person searches, commonplace for children, are uncommon for adults.

Please contact Jon Francis Foundation staff for guidance. We can help you navigate through this complicated process. Send us an email at or call 612-963-6772

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