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Jon Francis Foundation provides educational materials, FREE, to increase the knowledge, preparation and safety of wilderness campers, climbers, hikers and hunters.

Our Mission

It’s not what we gather, but what we scatter that defines our life.”  Jon Francis


The Jon Francis Foundation is dedicated to saving lives through wilderness safety education and empowering families who have suffered the loss of an adult loved one in the wilderness.

Jon Francis Foundation featured on Communities that KARE March 20, 2023



A cairn is a manmade pile of stones, often in a conical form. They may mark the summit of a mountain or a memorial. Placed at regular intervals, they indicate a path across barren terrain or climbing routes.


The Jon Francis Foundation (JFF), like a cairn, provides knowledge and acts as a guide to others who find themselves unwilling travelers on an unfamiliar path.

Wildness Safety Information

Bringing Jon Home
& Grief Travelers

David Francis, Jon Francis Foundation Executive Director, has written two excellent books. You can purchase them on Amazon or write David at  Proceeds from book sales benefit the Jon Francis Foundation.

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