Wilderness Safety Training at Joe’s Sporting Goods

Joe's Sporting Goods

Tuesday, April 11th 2017
6:00—7:30 PM
Joes Sporting Goods
33 East County Road B, St Paul

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Basic Wilderness Safety is a hands on class to help outdoor enthusiasts, camping families and those who enjoy hunting and fishing to learn the basics of backcountry and wilderness safety.  

Coursework includes equipment and clothing, the “Ten Essentials”, wilderness preparedness, accident avoidance, what to do if you get lost and avoiding the hazards of nature.  

Training will include: 

  • The ten essentials for wilderness survival
  • Latest safety recommendations from the National Parks Ranger Association
  • Problem-solve emergency scenarios
  • Planning check-lists for your next outdoor adventure
  • Safety & First Aid items at Joe’s.

The Jon Francis Foundation (JFF) and Joe’s Sporting Goods are partnering to provide FREE and valuable basic wilderness safety training for families, adults and children. 

The Jon Francis Foundation is the community’s most knowledgeable source for wilderness safety education.

All participants will receive a FREE water bottle with basic safety supplies!

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Motorized vehicle
Horse Riding

Learn wilderness safety and survival planning. ‘Never Go Unprepared or Unaware.’
Increase my knowledge, problem-solving and empowerment in the wilderness. ‘Be Safe Be Smart and Be In Charge Of my Destiny.‘
Learn Land Navigation Skills (Map and Compass Global Positioning Systems)
Know what equipment to carry into the wild.
Learn how to prepare safely and smartly for an outing.
Be able to lead a group and teach others