The Jon Francis Foundation (JFF) Promotes Health and Wellness while Preventing Loss and Injury in the Wilderness.

2017 Camp Jon

Saturday, June 10, 2017 ay William O’Brien State Park,
Marine, Minnesota (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Friday, May 26, 2017 is the final day to register.

All classes will be held in the Lake Alice Area. Six hours of learning for multiple groups who will rotate through the classes

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A FREE, full day, fun and hands-on wilderness health and safety training camp that will provide an opportunity for families, children, and adults of all ages in our community to come together, learn how to go safely into the wilderness and find well-being and enjoyment in nature.

Outdoor, backcountry and wilderness activities greatly promote health and well-being. There are countless positive benefits to experiencing the outdoors.

Whether you are a veteran of the backcountry or a family or individual wanting to learn more about or improve your outdoor skills, you will benefit from Camp Jon.

Outdoor Activities Promote Well-Being

The Health Benefits of Outdoor Activities: People engaging in physical activities outdoors experience mental and emotional revitalization with reduced feelings of tension, confusion, anger and depression. Outdoor activities fight to counteract the negative outcomes of modern living, such as obesity and depression.

Outdoor Recreation and Children’s Health

Children who spend time outdoors are healthier, overall, than their indoor counterparts. Two health consequences of insufficient physical activity are obesity and attention deficit. Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); another childhood phenomenon that has broad implications for wellness has been called ―nature deficit disorder.

Healthy Eating on and off the Trail

Healthy eating and food choices also promote health and contribute to reducing childhood obesity. Our Community Kitchen and PowerUp will teach healthy eating and food preparation skills.

PowerUp will inspire kids with ideas for healthy outdoor snacks and activities. PowerUp is a youth health initiative to make better eating and active living easy, fun, and popular, so that our youth can reach their full potential!

Camp Jon Learning

A. Basic Wilderness Health and Safety - Taught by Mark Doneux Held in the shelter near Lake Alice

  • The Health Benefits of Outdoor Activities
  • How to safely enjoy your wilderness experience
  • The Twelve Essentials
  • Trip and route planning
  • Safety recommendations from the Mountain Rescue Association
  • Problem solving in backcountry emergencies.

B. Orienteering Taught by Andy Jenk

  • Learn how to read and understand a map and a compass
  • Introduction to GPS and the Garmin inReach Satellite Communications Device.
  • The Twelve Essentials
  • Travel the Orienteering Course (Competition)

C. What to Pack - Taught by Joe’s Sporting Goods

  • List of necessary things to pack on a trip
  • Where to get the gear
  • The Twelve Essentials
  • How to properly take care of gear
  • Tent and shelter building

E. Wilderness First Aid - Taught by the NOLS - Wilderness Medical – Ross Greedy

If an accident were to happen while camping, hunting, fishing or hiking in the backcountry, would you be ready to react? Learn how to protect your personal safety and that of your family and traveling partners.

A NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor will teach basic wilderness first aid skills such as the patient assessment system, splinting, and other wilderness medicine principles to help you be prepared to act in an emergency.

F. Fire Building – Jeff Johnson

  • How to build a fire with and without fire building supplies.
  • Rope burning competition
  • Best way to keep fire building supplies dry

G. Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop. Center for Outdoor Ethics – Boulder Colorado

What is Leave No Trace?

Leave No Trace is a set of ethical principles, supported by a network of volunteer advocates and educators, that guide people in enjoying the outdoors responsibly. The Leave No Trace Minnesota Chapter helps educate and train others to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles: The Leave No Trace Seven Principles are the bedrock of the Leave No Trace program. They provide guidance to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way that avoids human-created impacts.

The Jon Francis Foundation is the community’s most knowledgeable source for wilderness safety education.  

The Jon Francis Foundation is dedicated to saving lives through wilderness safety education, empowering families who have suffered the loss of an adult loved one in the wilderness and advocating for legal protection for missing adults.

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Motorized vehicle
Horse Riding

Learn wilderness safety and survival planning. ‘Never Go Unprepared or Unaware.’
Increase my knowledge, problem-solving and empowerment in the wilderness. ‘Be Safe Be Smart and Be In Charge Of my Destiny.‘
Learn Land Navigation Skills (Map and Compass Global Positioning Systems)
Know what equipment to carry into the wild.
Learn how to prepare safely and smartly for an outing.
Be able to lead a group and teach others